Hard Rock Live Address

Public Transport

Buses to Hard Rock Event Center:

Line RunContactLocation
All Star Charter(239) 282-8841Naples, Bonita Spring, Ft. Myers
Casino Connection(321) 432-1511Melbourne
Door to Door(855) 777-5855Palm Beach, Broward

Hotel Shuttles

Call the following companies about pricing and routes of shuttles to/from your hotel.

NOTICE: Public transport may be busier than normal on days of major events. Please plan accordingly. We would always recommend taxi as the easiest and stress free option as it is avoids all potential parking and public transport problems.



Hard Rock Live,
Seminole Way,
Fort Lauderdale,
Florida 33314,
United States

Parking Information
If you are arriving by car there are plenty of parking parking options available to you. To find out more, please visit and read the parking information page.